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Winter Soundtrack


We came across this duo from Japan, Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida of Lullatone. They are melody makers, creating music from the use of allsorts of instruments, from the human beatbox, tiny toy orchestra, Yoshima's marching slippers, keyboards to the everyday household objects. Their music is often known for its innocent, childlike and lo-fi sounds. The duo refer to their music as 'Pajama Pop'. They draw their influences from bossa nova, french pop music of the 1960's and children's songs.

Putting the mellow back into melody! 
Here are some songs they made for winter. They would be a great soundtrack for:
• watching your breath come out like little clouds 
• catching a cold 
• revisiting a book you've already read (or were supposed to have read at school) 
• warming your hands on coffee mugs 
• pulling a scarf all the way up to your nose 
• soup 
• "old people hobbies" 
• hibernating
CD Artwork by Anna Kovecses.
Check out their tunes below.