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Sounds of Spring EP


Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida are Lullatone from Nagoya, Japan. They are melody makers, creating music from the use of allsorts of instruments, from the human beatbox, tiny toy orchestra, Yoshima's marching slippers, keyboards to the everyday household objects. Their music is often known for its innocent, childlike and lo-fi sounds. The duo refer to their music as 'Pajama Pop'. They draw their influences from bossa nova, french pop music of the 1960's and children's songs.

We were excited to illustrate their latest Spring EP, which is also the last of their seasonal EP's. Pui listened to drafts of the tracks which inspired her to illustrate the final artwork. This EP is perfect for those Spring and Summer days, easy listening, quirky and upbeat.

Music: Lullatone

Illustration: Pui

We have created an exclusive card to accompany Lullatone's The Sound of Spring EP. This was riso printed with soy based inks. 

Please note each one may vary because of the nature of riso printing off-setting may occur but we think this adds charm.


The Spring EP is available to purchase as Downloadable MP3 tracks  or as a CD. And you can also purchase the album artwork print on its own too!


* Full downloadable album tracks + exclusive Lullatone Spring Riso Printed Card. £7

Once you have placed your order, we will post you the print with a downloadable coupon for the full album. Or if you would like the download coupon sooner, we can email it to you pronto! Just let us know at the 'Notes to seller' section at checkout stage.



* Lullatone  The Sounds of Spring CD + Lullatone Spring Riso Printed Card.  £10.00



* Lullatone Spring Riso Printed Card only.  £3.50

Exclusive CD album artwork print that is also a greeting card!