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A houseboat has been designed to be used primarily as a home, this allows the person to move from place to place as often as they like, taking their moving home with them.

We have designed a series of little houseboat cards that are fun and charming. We think they would make the perfect way to send a loved one a special message. All you need to do is choose a houseboat and scribble your personal greeting on the blank signage of the houseboat and send it on its way!

The houseboats are left blank so you are able to personalise your houseboat to the recipient any way you like. Making them perfect perfect for any occasion.

There are a total of 4 houseboat designs. These designs are part of our Adventure Series.

Each houseboat card print was printed on the risograph using soy based inks.

Offsetting may occur as this is the nature of riso printing, the imperfections  we think add extra charm.

Printed on quality FSC certified paper, UK.

Comes with a landscape envelope.

Illustrated by Pui, London Graphic + Product Designer.

Size: 220mm x 75mm