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Denim Shirt Series

Pui + Scout Editions Exclusive!

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A new season means a new series of shirts. We have created the classic Denim Shirt Series .

Denim was traditionally coloured blue with indigo dye to make blue jeans. The contemporary use of the word "jeans" comes from the French word for Genoa, Italy (Gênes), where the first denim trousers were made. Jeans were made to be worn as work wear, as they are durable.

Each shirt has been illustrated and then printed as a risogaph and then finished with hand-folding each into a paper t-shirt.

Comes in 4 different blue denim designs. Indigo blue, Grid blue, Polka dot blue and Chevron blue.

Designed and illustrated by Pui.


Please note each t-shirt may vary slightly, as each one was hand-folded. We think this adds to the charm and makes each one unique.

Size A6 Greeting Card. Inside is left blank for your own personal message.

Comes with a brown kraft envelope.

Printed and handmade in London.