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Pigeons belong to the same family as doves the Columbidae family. There are some famous pigeons in history, from Cher Ami who carried a crucial message contained in a capsule that was attached to his leg during WWI. And G.I Joe was one of the most famous pigeons in history, who helped save the British troops by delivering a very important message to them in time. 

This pin would make the perfect gift for any bird lover or a quirky gift for someone who loves a story. Would make the perfect lucky charm too!

Made out of coloured high quality hard enamel set in silver plating, with 5 colours. 

Comes with a butterfly clutch fixing.

Available in the new green and orange feathered option, edition of 500.

This is our 6th edition batch of pigeon pins.

Each pigeon badge comes mounted on thin card with a  random London backdrop (postbox, Abbey Road, Big Ben, London Bus, Umbrella or rooftop).

There are also instructions on how to tag your pigeon, as they come in batches we thought it would be fun to try and locate each pigeon sent out. Track its whereabouts via Twitter or Instagram.


Designed by Pui, London based Graphic + Product Designer.

Size: 35mm height, 30mm wide body not including the beak.