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We recently visited the newly opened The Postal Museum, based in Mount Pleasant in London. With a big love for all things mail ephemera, naturally we knew we would love it. It opened in September 2017. The museum showcases the history of the postal system and how the institution of the Royal Mail came to light. 

A thorough and intriguing exhibition of pillar letter boxes paves the way and documents the history of the Royal Mail. And how they first started out as green pillar letter boxes, but soon became the iconic red pillar boxes, after people who lived in the countryside thought the green boxes were too difficult to find among the greenery of the landscape, they were too camouflaged.

Also a favourite was the vintage graphic posters for the post office and the postal time tables were very interesting. We thought it was the perfect place for a kids day out too, as there was plenty of interactive areas, like creating your own stamps and sending mail via the mock up of the telegram system, whereby you can send mail and notes to other visitors on the other side of the room.

There was also a part to the museum whereby you could take a ride on a vintage postal train. We didn't have enough time, however plan to go back to explore more.


Written by Scout Editions — January 18, 2018

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