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We love a bit of street art here at Scout Editions. One of the first artists to champion this was Bristols, Banksy. So its no wonder over a decade on from when his iconic stencilled graffiti artworks first appeared over cities around the world, his unique graffiti style is so sort after these days, that if one appears, it immediately demands attention and quite a stir from the community. Many people embrace it, and feel honoured to have Banksy gift them with a piece of his art. This past week a particular piece of wall, that lives just down the road from where I live, became the talk of the town, and also the nations news. "Slave Labour" a piece of graffiti that Banksy had created for the North London area, at the time of the Jubilee celebrations and also possibly an active protest against Poundland, the bargain superstores wall, in which the graffiti was embellished on. This piece appeared last May, and has been a real talking point for the area, it has also drawn vasts amount of people to come to view this wall, to see this special Banksy piece.

But last week whilst walking past I saw a big hollow hole where the Banksy piece was. Someone had taken it, and before we knew it, it became a national headline. This piece had been removed professionally and taken to Miami for an arts auction this Saturday. For the past week, we've seen the dismay of the local community. Local residents were shocked and angry that a piece of unique art given freely to the community by Banksy, had been taken from them. And now being prepared to be sold across the pond for an estimated £450k.

Since its disappearance the wall has been patched up and over night another piece of stencilled art appeared by the wall, some thought to be Banksy. Was this Banksy's second offering to this wall? Immediately it had been protected with a piece of perspex to protect it. No one knows if this new piece is an authentic Banksy, but they're not taking any chances they want to protect it. Tv and media have been surrounding and reporting from the scene. Now its like a shrine to Banksy, a few small pieces of artworks have appeared on the same wall overnight too, possibly sparking off a mini street art scene in this London borough. 

This past week local residents have actively protested for its withdrawal from the auction and to bring it back to the wall of Poundland, where the community can enjoy it once again. From tonights news, it was announced that the piece had been withdrawn from the auction, there was no explanation as to why. However local residents are happy for now, and are still keen for its return. Now this is a kind of limited edition artwork we love, when its gets people talking. To be continued...

Written by Scout Editions — February 24, 2013

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