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Kung Hei Fat Choi! Today is the celebration of the Chinese lunar new year, year of the snake. On this festive day families get together to celebrate the new year and have huge feasts. The Chinese lunar calendar is made up of twelve animal zodiac signs. Which animal are you? In true chinese style, the new year means beliefs and superstitions. One of which includes spring cleaning your home and preparing it for the new year for a fresh start. 

The Japanese Maneki Neko Cat is reknowned for its lucky charm powers. They are popular in Asia and are usually displayed in businesses and homes to encourage good fortune and happiness. Above are some pics we took while travelling in Asia. The Lucky Cats seem to appear everywhere from markets to shops. Therefore this would make the perfect gift for most. At Scout Editions one of our first items we created was a Lucky Cat print. We collaborated with Italian illustrator, Giulia Dolci on this print. These Lucky Cat prints are available both in metallic gold and black and also neon blue and green prints and available from a limited edition run of 100 each.

Kung hei Fat Choi, wishing you all health and happiness for the new year!

Written by Scout Editions — February 10, 2013

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