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Look Mate are a specialist sock brand based in London. Started up by brothers who have a mutual love of socks! They work with independent designers and illustrators to create exclusive sock designs. Their socks are also available as subscriptions too, so you are can receive a new design each month through the post.

We had the pleasure in collaborating with cool sock brand, Look Mate, London on a exclusive pair of socks, "Blooming', see below. We had started work creating designs earlier this year and it has been fun! We chatted to Look Mate brand creator Vahan on how he started Look Mate and also his inspirations.

What do you do and whats your background? My background is accounting in Luxury Hotel industry  and last year I co-founded Look Mate with my brother.  Look mate makes exquisite socks in collaboration bases. 

How did you come about starting Look Mate? Look Mate began life as two lists made by my brother Vahagn and I in one of the coffee shops of London Town. One was a list of people we wanted to work with, the other was a list of things we felt passionately about. After this we shortlisted two products that could accommodate the list, a tea subscription and socks. We grow up in a family of makers, my dad is a tailor and my uncle was a shoemaker back in 90s so socks beautifully fit in-between hence the reason  why we decided to start a lifestyle sock brand. 

We wanted people to experience not only our product but also the story of people behind it. One of a time  collaboration is not the end product but the beginning, you can explore about our artists, their story and the inspiration behind each design. 

Can you give a brief summary of the sock makers you work with? We work with a small factory in my hometown Yerevan. It is run by father and daughter with a killer team behind them. Some key people we work with have more tan 20 years of experience in textile. This relationship helps us to build the quality in our DNA. 

How many pairs of socks do you own? Due to my job I get to “test drive” many samples and competitors socks to make sure only the best and final version goes to Look Mate community to enjoy. I have 30 pairs, each new pair coming in one pair goes out otherwise I will end up having too many pairs. 

Who and what inspires you? When I see someone in this sort of "creative zone" making what they are passionate about being it art, piece of furniture or  music. Imagine being in the same room with Picasso when he was painting Guernica, Imagine the energy in this room when he was creating it which later become the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history. So the process of making what makes me going. 

Other than this, awesome friends, long walks while listening audio books, cycling and working with some top designers like yourself. 

If you designed a pair of socks what theme would they have? I believe style is a combination of many elements of our outfit, sometimes the most discreet detail, like the pattern of your socks, can be the most important. I think it will be very minimalist combination of black and white objects. 

Who would be your dream collaboration? Such a great question. To give you an idea here are few examples from our futuristic collaborations list.

  1. With someone who was in space, a NASA astronaut perhaps. There will be some planets and rockets involved. 
  2. Architect Bjarke Bundgaard and designer Thomas Heatherwick.
  3. A robot that can make patterns using data and a specific algorithm. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? When we started Look Mate with my brother Vahagn we wanted the company to connect two of our favourite cities, vibrant London and our hometown Yerevan. Apart from the above two cities I would love to spent some time and work from Tokyo. Who knows, maybe a Look Mate shop in one of the neon streets of Tokyo in near future. 

Do you have any exciting plans or ideas in the pipeline for Lookmate? Good design is something that makes life easer and brings joy both to the user and creator, it should also add value to your life. We will be focusing on our subscription model to make sure your socks are seamlessly delivered to your door each month anywhere in the world. Apart from that, some exiting collaborations lined up and stories to tell. 

How did you come up with the name Look Mate? Our name is for our customers so they can say ("Look Mate" I am wearing this cool pair of socks). Our logo is for our designers. It is dynamic and every month we change it according to their sock design. Here is the one for Scout Editions… you can buy a pair of the Blooming Socks here > click. also to find out more about Look Mate here >


Written by Scout Editions — April 23, 2016

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