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Mio Matsumoto is a Japanese Illustrator based in Tokyo. She studied in the UK at Kingston University and at The Royal College of Art and has since moved back to Japan to continue her illustration work. Mio enjoys illustrating in advertising, editorial and fashion. From packaging, book covers, t-shirts to textile fabrics. Some of the clients she have illustrated for are Elle Japan, Vogue Japan, Marc Jacobs, The Sunday Telegraph, Jigsaw, Miller Harris SpaceNK and many more. Mio has collaborated with us on a set of Fruity Pin-Up girls prints, Strawberry and Pear. inspired by the 1950's pin-up girls. Mio also illustrated the gold Holly Reindeer Postcard print. Find out more about Mio here...




1.Tell us a bit about yourself I am from Kobe, Japan. Currently work as a freelance illustrator based in Tokyo. 

2. How did you start out as an illustrator? I always wanted to became an illustrator. And during my study, I had a chance to do illustrations for magazines and book covers, which led me to start out as a professional illustrator.

3. Are you a collector, or have a collection of anything? I like collecting things which has an alphabet "M" in (M for Mio Matsumoto ;) i.e. I have pendant top, object which is in the shape of an M.

4. What is your most treasured item you own? Presents that I've received from my family, friends and my boyfriend :) These are mainly accessories.

5. Who/what inspires you and your work? Ayao Yamana, Erte, Tracy Emin and more.

 6. Do you know of any childhood fables/tales? We have so many childhood tales, and I loved picture books when I was little… I remember when I read "The Little Mermaid" I was so so so sad, I felt so sorry for her. And "The Little Match Girl" -another sad story, I was so so so sad. I think rather than read happy stories, I was more moved by reading tragedies. But those were too much for little Mio, as I couldn't sleep very well because I was worried too much about those sad girls.


7. Do you have a lucky charm?  I used to... but not really now. Though when it's an important day, I would wear a special aroma-oil instead of perfume.
8. Where your favourite place in the world and why? LONDON!!! I spent most of my 20's in London. It is certainly my adopted hometown and I've had the most beautiful and miserable time of my life there.
9. What do you listen to when you work? Generally I listen to the radio. But when I have to do brainstorming, I don't listen anything, I'll just go on a train or stay in a cafe. 

10. Can you take a pic of your workspace? Sure here it is. 

 11. Tell us about your prints that you illustrated for Scout Editions. The Pear and Strawberry Pin-Up Girl illustrations were inspired by 1950's pinup girls.

I wanted to emphasise the beautiful curvy lines. So to simplified the details I made the females in naked.




Written by Scout Editions — December 28, 2013

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