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Giulia Dolci is an Italian Graphic Designer and Illustrator. We adored her illustration work so much we invited Giulia to collaborate with us on our Exclusive Scout Editions Limited Edition print, The Large Lucky Cat Gold and Lucky Cat Neon prints. Also we also have some of her lovely Limited Edition Notebooks which are also handmade. We thought you might like to find out more about Giulia and her inspirations.

1.Tell us a bit about yourself My name is Giulia and I am 28. I was born in a tiny village in northern Italy but at 25 I decided to change my life and I moved to London for more than two years. Even though I will always keep London in my heart, I decided to move back to Italy to see if I can change things giving my little support. So here I am, ended up living in Milano, a city that I still don't feel like mine but I will try my best to fit in.

2. How did you start out as an illustrator/designer? Drawing has been my passion since I was a child; I was really precise and patient when I was drawing so maybe that's why I really like drawing patterns! Even though now I am working as a graphic designer I can't wait to have a bit of time this year to go back to paper and colours. I think I really need it because sometimes you are too stressed out and you deserve to "unplug" from work and from computer, leaving your thoughts flow among lines and shades.

3. Are you a collector, or have a collection of anything? I don't really have any collection but I do like buying little things at markets and shops: prints and limited edition books, pencils, bookmarks…I have a box full of tiny objects and prints.

4. What is your most treasured item you own? My most treasured item actually is an animal and it's my cat Mici. Having a cat has always been one of my dreams as my mum didn't like them so now that I have one just for me it's a fulfilled wish!

5. Who/what  inspires you and your work? My work is constantly inspired by patterns and texture in the everyday life: rust, concrete, floors, walls; even my favourite cardigan. I also deeply admire the work of great illustrators and artists such as Paula Castro, Dylan Martorell, 108, Yayoi Kusama.

6. Do you know of any childhood fables/tales? My favourite one has always been Alice in Wonderland and probably I love the Yayoi Kusama illustrated version. It's just great and now that I have it I will read it again and I will keep it to read it to my future children.

7. Do you have a lucky charm? I might say my double-faced owl. I bought it in Portobello a few years ago and I bring it with me all the time. There is this popular belief owls bring bad luck but for me it's exactly the opposite. I love owls.

8. Where your favourite place in the world and why? I would like to see the whole world before answering this question but a life is not long enough to see every corner of this amazing planet. Probably a mix of Tokyo, New York, Burano and Iceland. Sometimes I love the cultural buzz of a big city where you can find everything you need to know, see, eat and have; but some others I would rather live in the wildest land, where there is nothing and no one, just nature at its purest.

9. What do you listen to when you work? Lo-fi, dream pop, experimental, electro, glitch, shoegaze, instrumental, post-punk, grunge, soul, jazz, reggae, classic. Basically every kind of music, depending on mood and weather. Recently I've been listening to Shlohmo, Apparat, CocoRosie and Picking Lights a lot. 

10. Can you take a pic of your workspace? sure, here it is.
Thank you for this nice interview Pui. It’s always lovely to collaborate with you!


Written by Scout Editions — November 30, 2013

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